Time to redefine time

Diane L. McCurdy, EPC, CFP, had a senior administrative staff member who was incredibly organized and upbeat but couldn’t seem to get to work on time. There was always an explanation (the dog, the traffic, her daughter), and she’d have to leave early as well. So her boss came up with an idea.

“Let’s change to hourly,” the 38-year MDRT member from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, told her, “and that way if you want to take a day off to do whatever you want to do or come in later, you can.”

That change from salary to hourly has been a financial and logistical smash, better aligning the nature of the role with the person and removing the burdensome oversight from the previous, salaried circumstances. McCurdy realizes that innovation was necessary to maintain the relationship.

“If I didn’t think outside the box, we would have lost a phenomenal person,” she said.

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