Top 5 Round the Table online articles

Good ideas, and certainly lists of ideas, caught your attention in 2020. Take a look at what online Round the Table articles you were reading most last year. Don’t miss out on ideas to enhance your business!

5) 12 ideas for prospecting
Take a look at 12 ways to fill the prospect pipeline. They all work, yet they have pros and cons. The majority of these ideas came from advisors in the field. For example: Social media is the latest silver bullet. You put something out there and people will get in touch saying: “I want to do business.” Read more

4) 6 scripts to make prospecting easier
Many advisors have a love-hate relationship with writing scripts ahead of meeting with prospects and clients. Everyone looks for the magic sentences that work, yet no one wants to sound like they are reading off a teleprompter. Being prepared to answer and talk about some common topics will make discussions easier, and it is something that can be practiced in advance, so you can speak comfortably without sounding rehearsed. Read six conversations to consider. 

3) 12 ideas for prospecting and productivity
Find simple ways to improve your business and your life, such as
When you want to make an important appointment or communicate crucial information with your clients, send emails to them between 7 and 8 a.m. Entrepreneurs of good companies tend to wake up early, so you get replies from them quickly. Even if they don’t check emails early in the morning at their home, they will find your email on the top of their inbox when they come to the office.
— MDRT member Tadashi Kawamura, CFP, MBA, of Sapporo, Japan
Read more. 

2) 5 ways to start the new year right
Write a one-page business plan. Having a written business plan creates clarity for you and your team. Keeping the plan to literally one page really helps you stay focused on it. Read more. 

1) Why you shouldn’t put your hands behind your back
We all know charismatic people when we meet them, but actually defining what makes a person charismatic is more of a challenge. That’s where Vanessa Van Edwards comes in. She has made a career out of understanding the hidden ingredients of charisma and how people can learn to be more charismatic. Read more tips to power up your charisma.


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