More elements worth considering during tumultuous times

There are so many elements to think about right now that it’s easy to overlook something. During a Zoom call on March 26, three MDRT members discussed a variety of questions worth asking as advisors adapt to current challenges.


David Eric Appel, ChFC, CLU, a 24-year MDRT member from Newton, Massachusetts

Richard Dobson Jr., CFP, an 18-year MDRT member from Cedar Falls, Iowa

Julianne Hertel, CLTC, a five-year MDRT member from Worcester, Massachusetts

Dobson: I think one thing we’re going to want to be careful of is the extension of deadlines, which we’re getting on our taxes — it extends the deadline for retirement plan contributions, and that will affect a number of our clients where we do that type of planning. And the estimated taxes, there may be some advice that we’re able to give clients based on an early report on those. I think that’s an important thing.

Hertel: One thing I’m preparing for is when this is all done, how do we get back to business as usual? We’re going to be ready to go, but our clients aren’t going to be. They’ll be incorporating their kids back into schools, hopefully before the end of the year, and getting back into working in their offices. I think for like the first week or two when all these shutdowns and lockdowns are over, we’re going to be raring to go. Our clients aren’t going to be there because they’re going to be in the middle of this. It’s the first week of school and the week of Christmas and New Year’s and coming back from vacation, like all in one week. I think we have to be prepared to extend this even when we are back in our offices.

Appel: The only thing I could say is I’m going to try. I love to play, and I like to work hard, but I’m not wanting to take off and go play golf and do whatever. I’ve always worked and played, worked and played. My goal is to just keep going as normal as I can. Continuing to follow up with my prospects, continuing to be in touch with my clients. Continue to look for opportunities for them, continue to try to get them to move forward the best I can. We’re going to be raring to go, but I want to be able to go as if I didn’t miss a step.

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