2 tips to improving your income

All advisors would be happy to increase their income, but it isn’t always a one-step process. Ian Green, Dip PFS, a 23-year MDRT member from London, England, and the 2021 MDRT President, says there are several things he has done over the years to elevate his income. Here are a couple:

  1. Marketing. “When I first started, I really had a scattergun approach. I would try to do whatever work I could for whoever I could, and while that served me well to start with and taught me the ethos of hard work, it really was a bit of a random approach. What it also meant was that I had to endeavor to keep my knowledge up on a wide range of areas. I almost had to be an expert in everything. What I found was that I couldn’t maintain that expertise in every area, nor could I maintain the volume, the sheer hours of work that it took. As I started through my career and started to have a family, I realized that I couldn’t spend the hours at work that I needed to. So implementing a marketing plan, which started to mean that clients came to me instead of me having to go out and find clients, was really the first big jump.”
  1. Hiring staff. “I realized that there were things that I was doing during my day that I could actually have somebody else do at a more efficient, effectively hourly rate. Rather than me doing it, paying somebody else to do it was a huge jump to take.”


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