Unexpected opportunities and new perspective for referrals during crisis

Most of the companies here in the Philippines have extended the premium payments for policies during this time of lockdown to 60 days. But there are some clients who saw the opportunity and still pay for it, and pay for it on time, just to catch up with having the market on sale. And surprisingly there are referrals coming in. I’m not expecting to receive referrals at this time, but it’s a good surprise. They’re the ones who are looking for us right now and not us looking for clients.

So maybe it’s about time we really take this opportunity to reach out and ask for more referrals from our clients and educate them. I had this prospect who said he only wanted to have an investment. He’s single; he doesn’t have a family. Why would he need life insurance if he will not have beneficiaries? So I explained to him about the responsibility he has for his last hospital pay, for his funeral rights and for his last taxes, and he came to realize, yeah, it’s true. So he’ll get life insurance. So it’s more of educating them. Surprisingly they are receptive unlike before. Maybe this situation shook their beliefs about life insurance. Now they’re taking another step and looking for critical illnesses in health care plans.

Sherry Lee Ong is a nine-year MDRT member from Manila, Philippines. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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