When clients seem unable to budget 

We’re a very process-driven practice, and we do budget sessions with clients. I’d say 85%-90% of clients accept the budget process and thrive on it once they get rolling on it. But I have that 10% who don’t, and it drives me crazy that I can’t get them to change. 

Part of that is they’re people who are really close to me. Some are my relatives. If they could follow the budget process, financially it’d be good for them. Sometimes the goal is to educate their children without debt. You have to put money aside, but they can’t get their finances in order to put the money aside. So it’s that 10% of people who I can’t seem to reach, and especially when it’s to do with a budget. All financial planners start with having the money to be able to do it, but they have to realize where they spend the money. So that part of it I find it very frustrating. 

I try to give them a goal and work with them weekly. I’ve tried many ways, and I can’t seem to get them. I just won’t accept the answer that you won’t get them all. There’s got to be a way, but I don’t know how. 

The process that we bring them through is so simple. I understand the right brain. My world, I get it. But there’s something there that I’m missing. Because a client has to want to change. There’s a way to be able to connect with them. I’m trying to figure out what approach I have not tried with them. I’ve tried to be tough. I’ve tried to be upset with them. I tried to be nice to them. I tried to have empathy. I tried to walk them through slowly. What other thing can I try that gets the other 5% or 10%?  

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