10 ways to succeed in life and work

Decades of hard-won experiences, both professionally and personally, provided the cornerstone of lives well-lived and businesses that thrive for some of MDRT’s Past Presidents. Below is a small sample of what a few of the Past Presidents have learned.

1) Preparing clients financially

I believe the products we have now are even better than they were. If people really understood what we’re offering them, they couldn’t have enough of it. It changes lives.

Help your clients understand that, should life be unfair and a loved one is gone, we don’t want your whole family to suffer as a result of that. What I tell clients is, “One of three things is going happen to you.

  • You’re going live a long time.
  • You’re going to die prematurely.
  • You’re going to become disabled.

And my job, if I do it well, is to make sure that you’re financially secure regardless of which of those happens because I can’t change life. Life is life. But if I can prepare you financially for those possibilities if and when one of those things happens, the survivors can continue to live the life you had hoped for.”

From 2005 MDRT President Adelia C. Chung, CLU, ChFC, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

2) How to deal with failure

Failure is a state of mind. When something goes wrong, you can look at it as a disaster or an opportunity. And I don’t think there’s a human being alive who hasn’t experienced some form of failure. It’s how you deal with it that matters. How optimistic are you? How much self-belief do you have that you can do it all over again or try something else? There’s an inner strength — some people might consider grit — that’s required so you just simply will not fail.

From 1988 MDRT President Arlen I. Prentice, CLU, ChFC, of Seattle, Washington, USA

3) How to be important to others

When you start dwelling on the value of others, that’s when you really become important to them. That’s when people want to sit down and talk with you about their personal lives. It’s absolutely amazing what you hear if you’re listening. People want to express themselves and be heard. It changes everything. It changes how you’re looked at; it changes how you look at them. It gives you the opportunity to truly step into their lives and assist them with their issues and their families. You’re saving the lives of people both emotionally and financially, and that has nothing to do with insurance.

From 1992 MDRT President William T. O’Donnell, MSFS, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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