2 ideas for mastering your time

While time never stands still, you can alter your approach so you manage it instead of it managing you. Try these two ideas from MDRT members for taking control of your time.

Action days

In our practice, we break each week into two different kinds of days: admin days and action days. We start each week on Monday with an admin day, which we use to tidy up loose ends and book appointments. Tuesday through Thursday are action days in which we only focus on engaging with clients. Friday is then another admin day. Focusing specific days on specific tasks has increased our staff’s productivity and allowed us to see more clients.
— MDRT member Mathew Ross Page, Auckland, New Zealand

Track the tasks

Track your time in 15-minute intervals. Put smiley faces beside the tasks you like to do and dollar signs beside the tasks that make you money. If a task has no smiley faces and no dollar signs, delegate it to someone else.
—MDRT member Angus Donald McQueen, Dip FS, Dip CD, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

These ideas are from “7 ideas to increase clients and manage your time” in the 2019 March/April issue of Round the Table


  • Tanveee Faridi says:

    that’s a wonderful & calculated technique for the weekly time management.
    Thanks with regards

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