3 favorite sales ideas from around the world

Even the most successful advisors appreciate the value of a good sales idea. These are a few favorites from MDRT members:

What your clients know

“Before I give a client my recommendations, I ask what they know about, or how they feel about insurance. That way I’m not recommending something that they are already vehemently against.” — Adam Blumberg, CFP, CLU, Houston, Texas

Financial masterpieces for clients

“When Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, the only value it was perceived to have at the time was the price of the canvas and the oil-based paint he used. From this seemingly worthless creation, it was time that turned it into the invaluable masterpiece we now know it to be. As professional financial advisors, we do something similar each time we arrange a life or critical illness insurance policy for a client. At the time we create it, to our clients, the policy is often perceived to be of seemingly very little worth — just a piece of paper with a drop of ink. Yet we know that over time the promise to pay, enshrined in that drop of ink, will one day turn it into a financial masterpiece of immense value. We are like Financial Artists who, through our passion, belief and joy in what we do, produce works of Financial Art that will inspire generations to come.” — Bhupinder Anand, ACII, DipPFS, London, England

Your client’s two bank accounts

“Every client has two bank accounts — one with money in it, and the other which holds their emotions.  We must never forget about this second account — the emotional bank account.  When we go to see a client or prospect, or they come to our office for a meeting, we must first ensure that we have taken care of their emotional bank account, or at least checked on the balance. Emotions help us take care of motivation, help us take on information and are vital in communication. If our client knows we care about their emotional bank, they will be more motivated when we try to help them do what they should do and be more receptive to our ideas.” — Simon Gibson, Dip PFS, Cambridge, UK

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