5 income-increasing communication tips

If you don’t communicate well, you’re limiting your income. Consider these time-tested tips to close more sales and take your production to the next level:

1) Know your value
It’s not in the provision of financial products where we’re of the most value to our clients; it’s in the advice. Provide your clients direction to help them do the right things for the right reasons instead of focusing on them buying one policy over another.

From MDRT member Alain Quennec, CFP, CIM, in the video “An advisor’s value is in the advice: One minute inside a high-performing office.”

2) Communication gets you past objections

Eliminate objections and lower your costs by clearly communicating to your clients and having your team understand what they should do at every step in the client relationship.

From MDRT member Clay Gillespie, CFM, CIM, in the video “Objections? If you get them, you did something wrong: One minute inside a high-performing office.”

 3) People don’t buy what they don’t understand

Keep your explanations simple and elegant, and combat the communications “curse of knowledge.” You know your business so thoroughly that you may not be explaining it well to clients. If everyone can understand you, you’ll be richest advisor in the world. If no one understands you, you’re out of business.

From Don Connelly, mentor to financial advisors as well as founder and CEO of Don Connelly 24/7. Watch his 2015 Annual Meeting presentation.

Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo

 4) Sell dreams, not products

Your value as an advisor is tied to the problems you solve. Your clients dream of a worry-free retirement or putting their children through college. Remember, you sell dreams, not products.

From Carmine Gallo, corporate communications coach. Watch his 2015 Annual Meeting presentation.

5) Tell clients how insurance solves problems

Communicate to your client about a problem, such as taxes, that may destroy the income and assets they spent their whole working life accumulating. Let clients know insurance — with discounted dollars — can pay for what needs to be done to protect their assets.

From MDRT member Ben Feldman, in Anatomy of a sale.

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