7 unconventional ways to land new clients

Finding new clients is a constant challenge. With changing COVID guidelines, it can be tricky to meet new people at all, let alone in person. Here are a few ideas on generating more leads in ways you may not have considered.

1. Know your ideal client

It can be helpful to create an ideal client profile. Marketers often create elaborate dossiers that outline their ideal client’s interests, demographics, and lifestyle choices and values. While it may be diminishing returns for most financial pros to go too deep on a client profile, at the very least, a list of their interests will help you know where to look for clients or what types of giveaways they might like.

A great example is Ashok Sardana, a 29-year MDRT member from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who noticed that many of his clients are golfers. In response, Sardana, a Top of the Table member, created monogrammed golf balls as a marketing tactic. Read more about his strategy.

2. Become a content marketer

Once you know your clients well, create content that speaks to their needs. This content could take many forms — a blog, a podcast or a book. There are two caveats to this approach. The first is that once you commit to it, you need to stick with it. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a blog that is months or years out of date. The second is that it’s crucial you speak to your client’s needs, wants and fears. Otherwise, the content falls flat.

This approach can be time-consuming. It’s an excellent tool, however, in building a reputation. In addition, farming out this work to a freelancer or a member of your team can help offset the time commitment.

3. Go deep with volunteering

Getting involved in the right organization is a reputational boost and a great way to meet new prospects. One way to supercharge this tactic is to go deep. Get involved on the board of directors. Offer to give a presentation or organize an event. Again, this can be a time-consuming tactic, so you want to make sure the charity or organization is one you care deeply about and gives you exposure to your ideal clients.

Learn more about this from 21-year MDRT member and Top of the Table member David C. Blake, of Harrison, New York, USA, in the video “Missing opportunities? Widen your network and build influence.

4. Embrace second- and third-degree connections

Not every prospect is going to be an excellent fit for your services. But they might have a cousin, niece or dentist who is! So feeling out those second- and third-degree connections can be a powerful way to expand your client base. Also, don’t forget to ask your existing clients for referrals.

5. Make referrals work for you

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. But more importantly, make them work for you. Big corporations often have elaborate referral programs. While there’s no need to go that big, consider developing a referral program that benefits your existing clients by incentivizing them with gifts cards or giveaways.

6. Find a mentor

Finding new clients is a continual slog. It’s hard work, and sometimes the return is a long time in coming. Finding a mentor, someone who’s been where you’ve been, is a fantastic way to stay motivated.

Mentoring is a pillar of MDRT. Learn more. 

7. Play the long game

Finding new clients is a lot like gardening. It can take a long time for your efforts to come to fruition. Clients may respond to a message or give you a call months after you first made contact. The important thing is to stay consistent and commit to a handful of strategies that make the most sense for you.

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