Achieve the success you want

The concept of overnight success is a myth. Hard work, consistency and grit are the key ingredients in achieving our goals, allowing us to do more and be happier while doing so. Furthermore, making small, continuous improvements every day will be compounded over time and will give us our desired results. Here are some of the areas I focus on.


Better communication skills are essential for us to master, whether it’s with friends, family, our clients or our teams. I believe that if people had better communication skills, then the world would be a happier place and we would all be better understood and more successful.Annual Meeting crowd


What we communicate about ourselves is important as well. It doesn’t matter how skilled we are, we must engage with the world with the correct, positive attitude for continuous improvement. At the end of the day, how we approach life and deal with problems is entirely up to us and our attitude. If we really want to do something, we’ll find a way. If we don’t, we’ll find an excuse.


It’s also critical to organize ourselves and our teams to make our lives simpler, easier to control and lead us to greater success. 

While success doesn’t happen overnight, there are no barriers to further success either. Nobody is born destined to be any more successful than anybody else. I strongly believe that it is what we do, rather than who we are, that shapes our destiny.

Jerry Wellington, of Truro, England, United Kingdom, is a 12-year MDRT member and a Top of the Table member. He will speak more about this topic in his 2023 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation. Find out more about the 2023 MDRT Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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