Ideas from the 2023 MDRT Annual Meeting

Taking part in a longstanding tradition and recharging professionally, MDRT members gathered from around the world in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, for the 2023 Annual Meeting, which was held from June 25 to 28, to share best practices and tips. Here are a few of those ideas excerpted from Round the Table.

Sell the appointment

It’s very important that I do not sell or give a presentation to my client’s friend during the introduction meeting with the client and friend, whether it is at a restaurant, coffee shop or in a Zoom meeting. During this meeting, I only sell the appointment to the client’s friend for our next meeting. Even if the client’s friend asks me about my product and services, I deftly deflect the query and fix another mutually convenient time to discuss this. During the recommendation meeting, the client recommending me should ideally be talking about me to his friend and talk about his friend to me.

Sudhakar Gabriel, Kilpauk Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, eight-year MDRT member

Behave your practice

Top advisors who integrate behavioral finance into their practice report they increased production and revenue and acquired more new clients. There are five steps to introducing behavioral advice to clients: 

  • Build rapport. Rapport is defined as a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity that is necessary when discussing one’s behaviors. 
  • Set the stage. Conversation with clients about behavioral finance. 
  • Assess financial beliefs and behaviors. Explore underlying assumptions or beliefs about money. 
  • Values exercise. Discuss what are their values and what is important to them. 
  • Put it in writing. Keep a list of their values in the client’s file and what the plan will be in anticipation of future situations. Outline the behaviors that the client is likely to experience in writing. 

Pamela J. Sams, CRPC, Herndon, Virginia, USA, four-year MDRT member

Cultivate growth

We must strike a balance between servicing existing clients and creating new business, but there is only so much time in a day, and advisors can be torn between these two challenges. But we can accomplish both by using our current clients to bring in new ones. By plowing deeper into our client relationships to understand their needs, we can generate passive referrals. The highest level of plowing, or cultivation, is acquiring our client’s network of contacts, which will make recruiting new business easier.

Poon Wing Chi, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, four-year MDRT member


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  • Vanrajsinh Temubha Gohil says:

    In Life Insurance segment,In Concept selling, clients are becoming more and more demanding and so After sales’ servicing should be perfect and Prompt and Digitally advanced,above all satisfying to Clients.. Gradually with best services and good rapport and perfect public relationship,in long run… Insurance advisor will become brand-name himself or herself, in subject to with which Insurance company,He/she affiliated…With sales statasics,those advisors,who brought maximum Maturity and survival benefits and Death claims to Insurance company should be honoured,as he/she is continuously in Fields and Market of Insurance segment..

  • Rohini Pathak (Kale) , MDRT, USA member since 2018 says:

    Very nicely explained and yes, gave few more tips in mantaining clients update thanks for the same , waiting for more such valuable blogs . I too wrote on this, but where to send this aritcle ?

    1. mdrtadmin says:

      Thank you for reading the MDRT Blog! We welcome MDRT members’ tips and ideas for the blog. You can send blog posts for consideration to We hope to hear from you soon.

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