One proven way to attract and keep ideal clients

I focus on the retirement market, where most clients are over 55 years of age. We provide them with a few additional true value-added benefits. Most people have no idea how their Canada Pension Plan works until they retire. We hire a company to do special reports for approximately $100 per report. They truly customize the report, so they know exactly what they will get when they retire. No one else is doing this, and we tell our clients that. If they find value in the report, they certainly can refer anyone to us.

Handwritten card

The question I get asked the most is “If you were to suggest one strategy that I can add to my current system that will have an immediate and positive impact on my business, what would it be?” My answer: “Close your door for a half-hour each week and send out four high-quality handwritten cards or notes of appreciation.” When was the last time you received a handwritten card of appreciation? If you remember, it is because of the impact it had on you, the way it made you feel. I came here to help you grow your business.

A handwritten card is going to grow your business. In my experience, the timeless handwritten note of appreciation is the most powerful business tool for financial advisors today. Doing this for new and existing clients will provide you with your biggest return of your energy. Buy a big box of cards that includes not only thank-you cards but sympathy and wedding cards and even blank cards. I send thank-you cards out on a regular basis. I send them out after a client meeting. I send them out when I get a new client. Sending out a card after a client appointment makes a big difference.

Michael Morrow, CFP, is a 13-year MDRT member from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Hear more in the new episode of MDRT Presents:

  • Manmohan An says:

    Micheal’s ideas has always been outstanding. Thank you Micheal.

  • Pravin Bhisikar says:

    Sir, Its really a wonderful suggestion. Hand written letter and card are hone out, but if get the feeling is great. It will definitely touch one’s heart if written down from the button of your heart….????????????

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