Look at yourself before you look to a coach

Are you nervous about what a coach might see when exploring what you and your business do well and less well? That’s an effective way of knowing they can help, said Daniel O’Connell, MBA, a 17-year MDRT member from Dallas, Texas.

“A good coach is going to get you out of your comfort zone,” he said. “If you have anxiety about someone looking at your practice, that’s probably a good thing, because that means there’s tremendous area of opportunity for growth there and for somebody to help you.”

Holding you accountable

A coach is not going to magically know your business better than you do. They are there to help you be accountable and efficient, O’Connell said. And once you decide to change something, the coach is there to ensure it becomes a regular, permanent change, not just a temporary adjustment. “You don’t just do it for a week and abandon it,” he said. “You’re reviewing it and being sure that you’re following through those steps that you’ve decided to change.”

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  • Coach or Leader may motivate you,and They could identify skills in you and Nourish your self confidence and your good qualities could blossom,on the contrary few coaches are masters in closing calls and we could Learn art of Negotiations and Speed up in Closing calls and They reassure clients on behalf of Company… Sometimes they fulfill clients easily about their queries and Doubts,They clarify Products and it’s Hidden benefits and features of the Solutions… Sometimes reverse equation works… especially in Retirement solutions…

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