Get prospects to call you back

All advisors have been in a situation when they just can’t get certain prospects to return their calls and address whether they want to do business together. Dharmesh Goel, a 15-year MDRT member from Downers Grove, Illinois, has a solution to this problem: Send them an empty UPS envelope.

“What would I do in that kind of situation? If I got an empty UPS envelope from someone and I open it and there is nothing there, I’d call them,” Goel said. “‘Hey, you sent me an envelope. What were you trying to send me? There’s nothing in it.’ About 95 percent of the time that I send the UPS envelope, they return my phone call. They are curious to know what was coming and why it’s empty.

“Sometimes they are mad, but my goal is to make my point within a few seconds as soon as they are on the phone. Most likely I already lost them, so why not give it a final shot and make your point right away? If they are mad, they’re mad. I earned that phone call, so I’m not mad. I’ve made my point, and now it’s up to them what they want to do.”

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