Clear advice makes sales easier

The primary role model for me was MDRT member John F. Savage, CLU, of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Savage, who is now deceased, was a superb teacher by nature, and I enjoyed chatting with him. 

Savage’s book, “The Easy Sale,” explained how he sold as a life insurance agent. He used a lot of graphics, notably circles, to simply illustrate concepts. Savage believed in KISS, or Keep It Simple, Stupid. That’s a good adage to follow if you’re an advice giver. You’re not impressing clients or prospects with big words. Save the jargon for when you’re talking to your friends in the business.

When you’re talking to potential clients, speak their language. I’m not saying treat people as though they’re stupid or talk to them as if you’re stupid. For me, I think of it that you talk to clients the way that you’d like to hear advice from a doctor. For example, when a doctor is explaining your diagnosis and the best way to take medicine for it, you want to understand what your doctor is saying. You don’t want medical jargon, and it will likely impede your ability to follow your doctor’s advice.

It’s the same thing for good financial advisors as well. Keep your advice and recommendations simple for clients so it’s easy to understand and you don’t confuse and bore them with technical jargon.

James Rogers, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has been an MDRT member since 1974. He’s also a Top of the Table member and the 2008 MDRT President.

For more ideas on explaining complex topics simply:

  • Simplicity in your personality and simple language of explanations,easy illustrations and simple demonstrations,but statistically perfect and easy to understand, language of lumpsom Gauranteed returns and projected returns and subject to returns(in equity oriented plans),risk cover figures and availability of liquidity after lock in periods and tax free returns of money back installments,Lower premium rates and higher long term returns Gauranteed should be explain to clients in simple languages, Sometimes clients have soft corners for another investments’ tools,like Gold,real estate,fix deposits Stock market and that time you have ready comparison that how your product are superior than those investments…if something uneven or COVID-19 like pandemic affects and natural calamities hit…at that time risk cover factors come to support rest of the family…These will be master stroke as we are in insurance industry…

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