Client growth through social media

We are living in a time of immense change and global growth. Social media and technology are part of the change. These can help you acquire clients if you’re aware of some of the trends in this area and understand what to keep your eye on.

Here are a few areas of social media to consider:

LinkedIn. When it comes to business networking, LinkedIn is the most socially centric, so it’s important to tweak your posting strategy at least once a month. Post easy-to-digest original content. Make sure that it’s compliant with your local laws and regulations. Get out there as an expert. The more comments there are on a LinkedIn post, the more people it will be shown to. You can apply this to another social network that’s more popular in your region. Be strategic: Find out where your existing clients are, and then use that network.

YouTube explainer videos. YouTube is the second-largest search engine. People are looking to build relationships. No one wants to buy from salespeople. Everyone wants to buy from experts they have a relationship with, whether they interact with them online or not. Therefore, post good-quality explainer videos on YouTube to position yourself as a trusted professional.

Understand, though, you are not going to immediately get conversions. Most of us don’t normally go on one date and then marry someone. It takes time to build relationships.

QR codes. As soon as you meet someone, they can scan your phone and immediately add your contact information to their phone. You want them to capture your information. You can also do this with LinkedIn to immediately connect with people. Once we own that contact information, that’s when we are golden.

I know that you can use these things because your success is not just yours. I know that you are bringing up hundreds, if not thousands, of people with you through your clients. And so your success is the world’s success.

Crystal Washington is a technology strategist and certified futurist who works with organizations to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity. This was excerpted from her 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation, “Next-gen social media marketing.” (MDRT member-exclusive content)

For more ideas about how to use social media to find more clients:

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