Improve client relationships

As there are many types of clients in a range of demographics, there also are a variety of ways to communicate with them. Try these three ideas from MDRT members around the world for inspiration.

Allocating retirement planning

I introduce asset allocation with clients by dividing retirement life into two parts: basic life and high-quality life. Basic life is daily expenses, like food, clothing, housing and transportation. These basic things must be planned with a certain income. High-quality life is fine dining at restaurants, entertainment and travel, which is suitable for variable income such as dividends. After showing them that breakdown, I discuss the details of asset allocation.

Chin-Lung Wang, Taipei City, Taiwan Area, 21-year MDRT member

Instagram lessons

When I created my profile on Instagram, I opted to use a private account so I could select the clients I would like to invite and support them in achieving their financial goals. Initially, I posted content about products, campaigns and various updates from the company I represent, but I didn’t get the response I desired. It actually made my personal branding weaker because I looked like a walking brochure. I learned to be myself on social media. I began posting more content about my daily activities, like spending time with family and in the office. This approach brought me a positive response from my followers.

Novena Amauri, Jakarta, Indonesia, six-year MDRT member

Leveraging annual reviews

Every month, my staff prints the policies that are renewed for life and medical coverage in that month from my first year to date. We mark each of them to make an appointment and remind clients what they purchased at that time. This outreach has helped me give better service to my clients. We review the plan, remember the objective, review the beneficiaries, and review the amounts of savings and protection. This exercise makes clients aware that it is necessary to save more and have greater protection. In addition, if their situation is changing, there is always something else they may need. It also is a good time to ask for referrals and to remind them that we will be there with them.

Veronica Suraci Altamirano Bezares, Coahuila, Mexico, 15-year MDRT member

This was excerpted from the September/October 2023 Round the Table article, “Products to improve your photos, videos, conferencing and posture.”

  • There are three classes of Clients for insurance segment..But before go to that I want to clearify that Principles of Insurance industry are different amongst the Developing countries and developed countries and backward contries,where lots of citizens are living life below poverty lines..Where life threatening activities are dominant and there are chances of natural calamities and Terrorism and Fear of wars and pendemics or malnutrition and illiteracy and demography of the countries and how lives are competitive…
    I want to highlight First class needs only Risk cover which should be cheaper and in cases of sudden death of earning members,their family survive..
    Second class wants savings and regular future income and planning of retirement and short term plans clubbing with long term Gauranteed returns and Risk cover too…With savings they want multiplication of their income(Equity oriented plans)..
    Third class are High Networth Individuals want their investments’ multiplication (Equity oriented plans)..or Higher Business insurance for self and their key personnel and group insurance for their employees with Tax planning and wealth creations, Insurance advisors have to decide that in which civilization he/she serves…

  • Manju sharma says:

    Asset Allocation is great Idea to meet basic and high quality life style. Also Annual review shows you care for them.
    Great sharing

    Manju sharma

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