Boost client service and your success

Success as a financial advisor is not accidental.  There are deliberate steps taken to increase productivity and efficiency. Try these three ideas when working with clients to take you to the next level in your career.

Better booking
I use an online booking tool called OnceHub. I can embed this into my website, and my marketing team can send the link out to our clients, so they can schedule to meet when it is most convenient for them. No more back and forth trying to figure out a time that works for all parties. Now it is simple — I can block out the times when I am unavailable, and people can see a live feed of my calendar and book when it suits them. It saves time and sends reminders. Mathew Ross Page, Taupo, New Zealand, nine-year MDRT member

The success process
Success is not a coincidence; it’s a process that you commit to. Specifically, there are four words that should be part of your everyday existence that you deliver to your clients: improve, create, grow and shape. You are improving the current state of their life. You’re creating new opportunities. You’re helping someone grow as a result, and you’re helping people to shape their future. That’s the standard that shapes your brand. So, every day ask yourself: What am I doing to improve? What am I doing to create new opportunities? How am I growing to help my clients to grow their results? And how am I part of shaping the future? —Kaplan Mobray, 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting speaker

Fill the bucket or plug the hole
As I was a STEM major, when I communicate with my clients about their life plans, I instantly calculate their future living expenses, education expenses, mortgage, retirement funds, etc., and give them the numbers so they can have an idea of how much they will need. I also show them a picture of a faucet and a bucket with a hole in it and ask them, “Do you want to open the faucet to increase the amount of water so the water in the bucket does not run out? Or do you want to plug the hole in the bucket so the water doesn’t leak out?” How they answer this question gives me an idea about their priorities for wealth management and insurance. —Naoki Masuda, Tokyo, Japan, 12-year MDRT member

This is excerpted from the November/December 2022 Round the Table article, “12 ideas to get motivated, create effective social media and deliver client service.”

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