3 simple tips for compelling marketing on social media

Up until recently, I didn’t consider myself particularly social media savvy. After all, five years ago I didn’t even have an Instagram account. So, I never thought it was possible that I’d be considered a digital financial advisor. Yet, I’ve made great strides in this area. 

I don’t produce YouTube videos or TikTok content, but I do a few key things that anyone can do. These have helped me gain the trust of new clients and new recruits for my team.  

I have the following three social media accounts:

  • Facebook — Since 90% are old friends who knew me even before I joined the insurance profession, I continue to post more family and personal photos to maintain my friendships with them.
  • Instagram — My peers in the financial services profession make up 90% of my followers. I share my day-to-day life through Instagram stories and posts.
  • LinkedIn — While 90% of my LinkedIn connections do not know me personally, they have been following me for some time. My posts here are more related to my financial planning work to gain greater traction.

If you are thinking of increasing your reach by leveraging social media, here are three simple tips that can increase your success rate:

1. Authenticity is key. Show your ethics and values.

People want to know if what we do matches up to what we say. This can be reflected in the way we portray ourselves on social media.

2. Be interesting.

People like to read about interesting people, and they’re looking for inspiration online. They also want to know what others are up to. Where are the latest cafes? Where are the fun indoor playgrounds for children? What books are good? Which countries should I visit? 

3. Be consistent.

Finally, nothing matters more than this tip: Be consistent. One of the greatest pitfalls I’ve seen is that people spend a great deal of time crafting a perfect post. Once. It does not matter how good a post is unless you also consistently post to social media so you can be seen by prospects and clients.

Jaslyn Ng is a five-year MDRT member and a Court of the Table qualifier from Singapore. It was recently announced that she was the Digital Leader of the Year at the 7th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2022.

For more ideas about how to use social media successfully:

  • anna liza abe says:

    Very helpful.since am not a social media savvy, but am trying to be on the trend at least at FB.its quite hard but i know i can deal on it.

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