Connecting with clients on a personal level during crisis

Right now it is important for us advisors to really give clients their sanity back and help them any way we can.

So I tell my clients or my prospects where I buy my groceries, where I buy what I need and how I get by or how my family gets by every day. And then sometimes we share tips also on cooking — like what dish to make, because you cannot just have one dish for one week. So just being innovative about everything.

And then they will loosen up, they will ease up on you, and then that’s the time you talk to them about how their family is or where their family is in this time of crisis, and how their policy looks. So that’s the time we can open up about policy review and how the company is doing, if they would want to have additional insurance to protect their risk.

So then it’s time for that assessment. It’s time for that reality check. That where we are now is a practice of where we will be when we retire. Because when we retire, everything stops, but our expenses go up. So right now, this is where they are; this is where we are. We can relate to them, and we can give them advice that this too will end, but we just don’t know when. And they can start now.

Sherry Lee Ong is a nine-year MDRT member from Manila, Philippines. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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