Create a CAN DO culture

When I first started in the business, and also when I first started to come to the MDRT Annual Meeting, I used to look for the one big idea that would enable me to be successful. The more meetings I attended and the older I got, I realized that I needed to give up believing in the magic bullet, and that overnight success is a myth. Successful people know that making small continuous improvements every day will be compounded over time and give them their desired results. That is why I now believe that while you have to plan for the future, focus only on the day ahead of you and aim to improve by just a small percentage every day. This was the thought process that inspired the creation of the CAN DO conceptual model, which consists of ideas and practical advice that will immediately help you improve your mindset and your businesses by small amounts and enable you to make massive incremental gains over time by focusing on the key areas of Communication, Attitude, knowing your Numbers, Dedication to your clients and Organization within your firm.

Improvement in your skills in one area will often help you improve in each of the other areas at the same time, leading to exponential results.

Communication: Better communication skills will always be useful to you in your life, whether it be with friends, family, your clients or your teams.

Attitude: The right attitude is essential for success. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are; if you are not engaging with the world with the right attitude, then you will get nowhere in life.

Numbers: An understanding of the importance of numbers will also help you get on track and stay on track, and we will spend some time looking at why and how we set goals.

Dedication: As I said earlier, there is no such thing as overnight success, so the dedication to stick to your plan and to your goals, especially when life gets difficult, will help you enormously in this business.

Organize: Finally, being able to organize yourself and your teams better should just make your life much simpler and easier to control and lead you to greater success.

Jeremy Mark Wellington, Dip PFS, Dip CII, is a nine-year MDRT member from Truro, United Kingdom. Hear more in MDRT Presents:


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