Creating staff clarity from a sense of ownership and regular review 

Ownership is a theme that we implemented right before COVID. We have an office manager, and one of the things we have really pushed is the idea of, “Hey, you own the marketing process. You own the review process. You own all of these areas.” And our job is to help guide and direct but not overstep our bounds. There’s the idea that sometimes, since you’re the owner, you’re going to put somebody into their lane. What we basically said is, “Hey, we want your ideas.” And if they’re way off track, we might give some corrective guidance, but just allowing the team to take ownership. 


We use just our CRM system that runs everything for us, which is Redtail. We have workflow processes that we all built as a team, and once a quarter, we get together in the conference room and we whiteboard them out and say, “Hey, is this still how we want to be doing it?” Everybody gets a voice. So our paraplanner can say, “Hey, this isn’t working. It’s supposed to be that this person calls and then I follow up, but that never works.” So we’re willing to dissect the entire process and start all over again.  

Adam Thomas Rex is a 12-year MDRT member from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 

  • Trust on your team members and understand their strength and working ability to accomplished their portion of job, are they doing it with confidence and interest or as a responsibility is important for achieving some bigger goals – SKaiser

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