Why we design presentations like a TV show 

We sell all the same products. We invest in the same stocks around the world. But what is your process for making sure clients reach their goals? 

Here is how we do it: When we make a presentation, we use PowerPoint. Whether it is live or digital, they are identical. We do not do anything differently. And we usually have two advisors on most calls: one to present and one to observe and run the background graphics so that the other advisor can focus on what he or she does best. 

We design our PowerPoint and presentations a lot like a TV show because that makes them very interactive. A TV show has an opening to set the plot, with some commercial breaks throughout, and then at the end, they solve the problem. Usually, the show ends on a happy note. Think about how you can make your presentations more interactive, more enjoyable. We eliminated sending out fact-finders, so now we do it live. That was a benefit that I learned from my business partner and some of the younger advisors. I used to be old school, where I gave someone a piece of paper to fill out with a pen and then had them send it back to me so that I could add it digitally. Now we eliminate weeks of back and forth by doing it live. 

And the time savings for the client ― we call it “mobility issues.” Our clients have mobility issues, your clients have mobility issues, and we have mobility issues. Some of them are physical. Our clients are at an age where it is not easy for them to get around, get in a car and drive to our office. So, we address it from their needs. They can simply stay at home, stay in their pajamas and watch our presentation. We can solve their problems. And we say it all the time: “It doesn’t matter where we are; it just matters where you want to go, and we’ll help you get there.” 

Brian Heckert, of Nashville, Illinois, served as MDRT President in 2016. He has been an MDRT member since 1989 and is a Top of the Table qualifier. Hear more in the June episode of MDRT Presents: 

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