Easy confidence-building tips

Every financial advisor has moments when their confidence wobbles. It’s only human, yet you have to move past that so you can confidently talk with prospects and clients.

First of all, understand that every financial advisor with any clients has success stories — even advisors who don’t think they know enough or are good enough yet. Keeping that in mind, try these two exercises to kick up your confidence levels:

  1. Think of five occasions when clients expressed gratitude for something you’ve done. Perhaps it was finding coverage for them that they couldn’t find elsewhere or putting a plan or product in place that helped them. Maybe it was explaining a concept to them that they hadn’t previously understood. Write these stories down, print them and put them in your desk drawer. Share them with prospects and clients. Most importantly, though, whenever those insecurities about your value or abilities surface, such as after a phone call or a client meeting that didn’t go as well as you hoped, take the stories out of your desk drawer and re-read them.
  2. Spend the next month asking your clients what they get from working with you and listen carefully to their answers. They may surprise you by revealing and reinforcing your value. And as a side benefit, it will make referral conversations easier.

For example, a client told one advisor that he was the best marriage counselor he and his wife had ever worked with.

“But I’m a financial advisor, not a marriage counselor,” the advisor protested.

In response, the client told him how his explanation of the couple’s finances finally put the couple on the same page financially, which benefitted their overall relationship.

Find out who you are to your clients and write down those testimonials. Share them (without names, of course) with clients and prospects, but also re-read them when you’re having doubts about your value.

Sandy Schussel is a performance acceleration coach who has been working with financial advisors for more than 20 years, helping them break through to a higher level of production.

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