Using email to reassure clients in uncertain times

These last couple of weeks have obviously been new for all of us, but I successfully did something in late March that I’m already seeing benefits of. We’ve all gotten a lot of blast COVID-19 emails over the last two weeks, and I designed an email that I sent to two different email lists: one to my client base and one to my centers of influence advisor base. They are very basic — not getting into micro details, but keeping it kind of macro, allowing these people to see that we’re still in business; we’re here. Ninety-five percent of my business is life insurance, so my biggest obstacle that I knew immediately was the exam process.

I can control things with DocuSign, I can control e-applications and things of that nature. I can’t control a third-party medical exam. I can’t control a nurse going to someone’s house and drawing blood and taking urine and the client saying to me, “I’m not really comfortable with a nurse coming to my house right now,” which I can’t blame them for. So we’ve done a lot of research. These things are changing daily. But I put an email out saying, “If you’re thinking about some additional life insurance coverage, we can get up to $3 million of life insurance right now with a fluidless exam. No urine, no blood, no exam,  just some paperwork. Depending on the carrier, they might require that you had a full physical in the last 18 months.” 

Within 24 hours of that email going out, I had received four responses. I also had one client who decided to proceed with $3 million of life insurance. 

I sent to home emails, business emails in my Rolodex and centers of influence emails. Home emails had a 42% open rate. Normally you get like 15% maybe. And the Rolodex got 22% right now, which wasn’t terrible for the other professional advisors.

I did do the subject line differently. It was nothing about COVID-19. I had already sent one of those out, like a “Hey, we’re up for business, we’re doing all this stuff” like probably a week ago. So this was just “Appel Insurance is moving forward looking for best options.” That’s it. I thought that might get people to click.

David Eric Appel, ChFC, CLU, is a 24-year MDRT member from Newton, Massachusetts. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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