What to emphasize in the first meeting with a client

There are many different strategies to establishing a relationship with clients during their first meeting. Kobus Kleyn, CFP, a nine-year MDRT member from Gauteng, South Africa, uses that time to “set the stage” about the advisor’s role as someone who will be there for specialized expertise.

“One of the examples I use that works very well is to state the difference between a doctor and a specialist,” he said. “I really try to recognize that the doctor’s the GP. He sees you, he diagnoses you and he gives you some medication, and next year you’re back with the same problem. Then I’ll refer to cardiovascular specialists. I say, ‘The day you’re going to lie on that hospital table, you’re not going to ask me questions. You’re not going to tell me what to do; you’re going to trust instinctively that I’ve been educated and I’ve got experience and the knowledge to save your life.’”

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