Favorite books for expanded business insights

The world, including all aspects of our profession, is ever-changing. While we can’t know or be experts at everything, books can give us an edge and keep us informed — especially business books read and discussed with other like-minded people.

Below are a few of the favorite books MDRT members have read and discussed in their book clubs.

If you don’t want to miss crucial details for clients, try creating checklists for important processes. Learn more in “The checklist manifesto” by Atwul Gawande.


Learn about nine personality types and how to relate better to each in “The Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. 


Whether you’re working from home or down the hall from your team, all leadership is at a distance. Learn more about bridging the gap in “The Long-Distance Leader” by Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel.

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The power of reading books with a group

We can have the best of intentions when it comes to reading. Yet, life offers an appealing variety of distractions. This is where peer support keeps you on track. Being in a book club provides focus with a deadline for finishing a book as well as offers you access to books — and ideas — beyond your usual reading range. Furthermore, listening to others’ perspectives and insights about the book you read together can be thought-provoking and enriching.

“I joined an MDRT book club because I wanted to grow as a person,” said Top of the Table qualifier Ted Rusinoff, an MDRT member since 2008 from Stow, Ohio. “I’m a better businessman, father and husband as a result of all the books that we read. 

“It was my lucky day when another MDRT member asked me to join their book club. And now, this is me asking you — as another member — to get connected to an MDRT book club. New clubs are starting throughout the year, and this is an opportunity for you to read and grow as a person.”

For U.S. and Canadian MDRT members interested in joining a book club, fill out this form at mdrt.org/bookclub Members in other countries, or for those aspiring to be MDRT members, are encouraged to reach out to their friends and colleagues to create book clubs. 

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