Increase client appreciation for financial concepts through storytelling

From having a previous career as a managing partner in an advertising agency, Lester Angelo Reyes, a six-year MDRT from Quezon City, Philippines, says storytelling is his most helpful skill he took from his past career. “I do social media marketing and handle the headlines, copy, and photos and ensure my content is relevant to my audience by studying what will hook their attention, which can be by sharing stories about previous clients, describing a scenario they may encounter in the future, or how our proposed actionable plans will help them during hard times. Before recommending solutions, I must understand their struggles and life targets.” 

During meetings, Reyes evaluates if they are already technically proficient in valuing the numerical coverage of insurance plans or if they are more emotional in that they prioritize how their lives can benefit from them. “Enticing people may be done through big numbers or big impact. Some may appreciate how much they can get out of the plan, but some may focus on its long-term positive impact on their family, such as how it serves as a safety net that gives them peace of mind.” As some clients struggle to grasp critical concepts such as coverage and riders, storytelling helps clarify them by sharing real-life situations, making them more relatable.  

As storytelling is a strength of Reyes’s, he continues to work on it daily through his social content and by analyzing the impact of the materials, constantly communicating with friends, families, and clients, and exchanging ideas with people in the creative field. “While we may have weaknesses that need to be addressed, we have strengths that are effective and valuable to our clients. If we put in the hard work and have good intentions, we can help more people achieve their goals.”  

Antonette Reyes writes for Team Lewis. This was excerpted from “Valuable skills for financial advisors that were first learned in other professions.”


  • I’m impressed with your performance as 6 year MDRT from Quezon City, Philippines. I’m also Filipina from QC and now based in San Diego CA. I’d like to be MDRT this year 2024. Id love to communicate with you so I can learn more about Storytelling and Social Media Marketing from you. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from you.

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