6 strategies to finish the year strong

This has been a year like no other. The basic rules still apply, though. You want to finish the year strong. After all, you may have numbers to hit — for instance, qualifying for MDRT

Clients also want to finish the year strong. They have deadlines to consider, such as for Required Minimum Distributions, retirement plan contributions and tracking of capital gains distributions from mutual funds. These all have cutoff dates. Put a different way, you can’t travel back in time if you failed to take action. Put your effort in now and experience momentum to carry you into a productive 2021.

6 simple focus-sharpening strategies

1. Call clients for a quarterly review. The end of the year is weeks away. This can focus their attention on what needs to get done before the holidays and the year’s end. It tells them you are paying attention.

2. Follow up with prospects. You’re not a pest, but you want to give each one at least one more try before the end of the year. Coming up with new information is usually a good reason to call.

3. Build a list of your leads. You have some that went cold. You stopped calling when they lost interest. It wasn’t the right time. A lot happened during the year, though. Is this the right time now?

4. When do bonuses get paid? Theirs, not yours! Clients often are ready to make decisions when they have money in hand. Many businesses hand out bonuses at Christmas or in January. Is your client expecting one? When? You will be tactful, of course.

5. Back in the office. Have you returned to your office? Does your client know? It makes sense they know where to reach you if they need you. It’s a good reason to call. Now that you have them on the phone, you can ask questions or transition to business.

6. Use MDRT’s Productivity Action Plan. MDRT is pleased to offer the MDRT Productivity Action Plan, which is designed to help members access MDRT’s offerings when they are needed the most and requalify for MDRT membership in 2021. The membership production requirement is waived for current and 2019 MDRT members. Apply online and be instantly approved for 2021 membership. For members prior to 2019 or those applying for the first time, requirements have been adjusted based on the effects of the pandemic. Learn more at mdrt.org/focus.  

It’s traditional for agents and advisors to try finishing the year strong. 2020 should not be an exception.

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor, can be found on Amazon.

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