MDRT Foundation Phonathon: Will you answer the call?

Written by Brad J. Myers

As the 2018 MDRT Foundation Phonathon Task Force Chair, I have the opportunity to ensure another successful Phonathon. Now my fifth time as a volunteer Phonathon caller, I’m honored to call alongside 18 of my fellow driven MDRT members as we give our time to raise funds for the global grant programs by reaching out to other members. This year’s two-day event is February 26 and 27 and will be hosted once again by One-America Financial in Brad MyersIndianapolis, Indiana, USA.

MDRT Foundation Phonathon

MDRT members have participated in the annual Phonathon for more than 40 years. Last year, the Phonathon generated more than $325,000. In the last 10 years, the Phonathon has generated close to $7 million to support the Foundation’s global grant programs. Because of its continued success, this past year the Foundation was able to distribute more than $1.3 million to member-endorsed organizations worldwide.

I attribute this success to the support of MDRT members. Our goal this year is to raise an additional $350,000 for the Foundation, allowing us to continue to give back to the communities in which we all live. 

Answering the call

My involvement with the MDRT Foundation has changed my life. I have witnessed first-hand the importance of this fundraising initiative and how the global grant programs make a difference to so many individuals around the globe. In addition, I’ve been able to connect with members who are now lifelong friends because of our commitment to making the world a better place.

Next week, take a moment and open your hearts to those in need.

Please answer the call on February 26 or 27. Together we can make a world of difference.

Visit the MDRT’s Foundation’s website for more information.

Phonathon volunteers

Below is an alphabetical listing of the committed and enthusiastic MDRT members who will be joining me in calling other MDRT members during the Phonathon.

  • Yolie Aleman-Rodriguez
  • Mark L. Begley, CLU, ChFC
  • Robert L. Belvedere, CFBS, LUTCF
  • David C. Blake
  • Gilbert A. Haggart, CLU, LUTCF
  • Robert Joki, CLU, ChFC
  • Brent R. Kimball, CFP, ChFC
  • Lawrence F. Kolasa, CLU, ChFC
  • Meredith G. Langus, FSCP, LUTCF
  • Heather Lindsley, LUTCF, RICP
  • Thomas R. Mccoy, CLTC
  • Meila A. McKitty Plummer, LUTCF, FSS
  • Michael J. McNeil, CLU, ChFC
  • Theodore S. Rusinoff, CFP
  • John A. Shumski, RFC, LUTCF
  • James J. Silbernagel, LUTCF, CFP
  • Edwin W. Thauer, CLU, ChFC

Brad J. Myers is a 15-year MDRT member from Sandy, Utah.

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