Refining the process of generating Google reviews from clients 

We’ve built a cool and better process now around short surveys for clients. Once they do them, I reach out and say, “Hey, do you mind doing us a favor? We don’t advertise, but the way to do it is word-of-mouth, and Google’s the best way. So, can you give us a Google review?”  

 I’ve been pushing that probably the last 12 months, and we’ve gone from having 10 reviews to 75. So, I’m really driving our Google reviews and trying to just get every single person to give them to us because we’re getting a lot of clients now, new clients who are calling up from the area, and we ask them, “How’d you find us?” “Google. Read your reviews, and they are amazing.” And they’re 75 five-star reviews. I think there was one four-star in there, but it works out as five. 

So, that’s something we’re working a lot on, to drive initiative to get our Google review numbers up, and that’s something that’s working really well. So, if you’re looking to market out there and get more people and awareness, I think that’s one of the best ways to do it. 

 Aaron Kane is an nine-year MDRT member from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 

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