The benefit of buying gifts for clients based on their personal interests

Every year around Thanksgiving, we buy different types of gifts for clients based on what we know about them. Last year, one of the little gift packages that we put together — and they’re all branded with Horizon Wealth Strategies — was a passport holder along with a little thing of mints and a luggage tag. All of our clients are at or near retirement, and travel is one of the things that we see they have in common. So that’s what we are giving to some of our clients as gifts this year, and others are getting a coffee and alcohol basket. Those tend to be our clients that aren’t as interested in travel, but they tend to like to drink.

Those are some of the things that we do each year, and each year we come up with different ideas for around Thanksgiving time. Every year we change what we give.

Hear more in this mini-episode of the MDRT Podcast:

  • Bijibilla Rama Rao says:

    Yes! True! Buying gifts is most common for clients on different occasions for different needs depending on personal interests. A small action makes an impact on the part of others. It indicates love and affection. It shows the care to be taken care by others. It improves ties and bondage with clients. It is an opportunity to meet the client on different occasions. At the same time it is better to share the latest information about the product and gives an opportunity to know what is in his mind? It helps to improve the communication skills. Buying gift helps to make the client be happy. You can create an impression in the minds of clients that you are thinking about them. It helps to maintain long term relations with the clients. Keeping in touch with the customer is always a positive sign. We have to change the gifts on different occasions depending on the situation. New year and birthday greetings along with festivals are the primary and important occasions to offer gifts to customers. It is needless to say that we have to create an opportunity to meet the client as many times as possible with a view to gather the information as possible and share the information as well. While meeting the customer it is your duty and responsibility to share positive thoughts which helps and enhance his/her life style to improve. Please bear in mind the needs of your client in short term, medium and long term. Study yourself and take a reasonable time to explain in detailed manner comprehensively. It is your primary duty to create an impression that your client should feel that you are telling something happen good to him/her. Always keep in mind that needs of your customer. Keep ready the tailor made plans. Try to suggest what he can afford. Keep update yourself about the subject, product, organization, technology, planing and execution. Balance everything. Sharing is caring.

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