Grit: Turning no clients into yes clients

In some areas, the pool of high-net-worth clients appears limited. As a result, competing financial advisors call on the same business owners and other white-collar professionals. Many of those prospective clients aren’t interested. For most advisors, that’s the end of the line. The more people they call on, the quicker they’ll get to a yes. They move on to the next person on their list. For some advisors, though, that’s just the beginning.

When a prospective client says no, 14-year MDRT member Kulinchandra Ramanlal Patel, of Vadodara, India, is happy. “Other advisors don’t want that client, so now I don’t have competition,” Patel said. When he hears no, Patel understands this means the person is not yet convinced because they don’t yet comprehend their need for financial protection and risk management.

“When that door closes on me after the prospective client hears the word ‘insurance,’ I know I’m going to sell that person a policy,” said Patel, a Court of the Table qualifier. He also knows that might not happen right away.

A steady approach

“Slowly over time, I work on understanding the prospective client’s needs and mindset. I study his case profile. It can take two or three years. I don’t mind. I keep approaching him,” Patel said.

Patel doesn’t approach with sales pitches, though. The prospect has already heard that from everyone else. Instead, often for years, Patel delivers flowers, calls them for their birthdays and sends cakes. Eventually, the prospective client sees Patel’s courteous — yet persistent — professionalism and makes an appointment with him.

For one client, it took 15 years of cakes, flowers and seeing each other at social functions before he agreed to meet with Patel. It took an additional five meetings before he purchased a policy.

“I came from a poor family,” Patel said. Because of that, his value to clients can’t rest on family status. So he offers exceptional “service, knowledge and honesty.” And Patel has grit.

“A no isn’t permanent,” Patel said. “With time, it will convert.”

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  • Great encouragement for those of us who get the most nos. It means that we can also get to the greatest of yeses.

  • Very good and useful information. Topic looks very interesting and helpful for all Financial Advisers. Every field force should keep it in mind to handle the objections and try to convert them from no clients to yes clients. It is not an easy task. It takes lot of time. It is a great skill. We have to cultivate the habit of hearing. Hear your customer more and try to understand him in his point of view. Give sufficient time and allow him to think and rethink. Try to be close and as much as possible observe him closely his needs and requirements. Be in touch with him at all times and try to help him where required. Let him be comfortable with you to share his views and aspirations. Hearing is an art. It needs lot of patience. The Financial Adviser should play a key role. He should be well equipped with knowledge about product. Be as a professional. Maintain standards. Please do not expect instant results. Rome is not built in a day. Try to understand the customer and his financial situation. Application of brain is very important. Time management, effective communication skills, dress code, discipline, common sense, subject knowledge, behavior, code of conduct, soft skills, patience, burning desire, commitment, will power and technical knowledge helps to retain the customer longer period.

  • Excellent Materials with real life example.

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