There is always a way to help and extend hope

Extending help extends hope. For MDRT members, taking care of others often reaches beyond their own families, staff or clients. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, Kasey Massatti, a nine-year MDRT member from Lancaster, Ohio, saw her nurse friends crying because the back of their ears were dry and bloody after wearing masks throughout their unrelenting 12-plus-hour shifts. Massatti wanted to help them find relief while they stayed safe, so she put her sewing machine to work.


Headbands created by Kasey Massatti went to frontline workers as well as laboring mothers required to wear masks during delivery.

After some trial and error, Massatti found the perfect prototype — a simple headband with velvet backing to prevent it from slipping off the head, a silicone strap and two buttons. She sent some to friends for feedback and heard rave reviews. She started making more headbands and posted about it on social media. Soon, she began receiving more requests than she could ever have imagined. She quickly recruited her mom and three young daughters to help.

Massatti and her daughter

Kasey Massatti and her daughter worked together to create more than 5,000 headbands.

She has since made nearly 5,000 headbands, donating more than  1,000 of them. Headbands have been shipped to every U.S. state. They went to nurses, doctors and other frontline workers, as well as laboring mothers required to wear masks during delivery. Her clients have even started getting involved by sending funds to help Massatti purchase necessary materials so she can continue to make a difference.

Massatti, a Court of the Table qualifier, challenges her fellow MDRT members to look beyond their capabilities and tap into their innovative and creative sides. “MDRT members are compassionate and have the desire to help others, so ask yourself, ‘What is one thing you can do to help someone else?’”

MDRT Gives Day on November 10

This year has been challenging for each of us, and the needs of charities have dramatically increased. Yet there is still so much to be grateful for, including our friends, our family, our health, our clients and our careers. MDRT Gives Day on November 10 is a one-day global fundraising event that offers the opportunity to reflect on our year, find our own moments of gratitude and give back. Together, the entire MDRT community will unite to donate to the MDRT Foundation and show the caring spirit of all our members. Be a part of it and donate today! Also in the comments below, let us know what you have done to help someone else.

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