How family can motivate you

Many different factors motivate advisors to succeed. Not surprisingly, a big one comes from personal relationships.

Tony Mak Wing-Kwong, FLMI, CFP, from Hong Kong, recalled a specific instance when this became clear to him. “A young new agent told me one day in the beginning of a year, ‘Tony, I want to produce 80 cases by this September,’” he said. “Of course, I encouraged him, but I thought that it’s not easy for a new agent to produce almost 10 cases a month consecutively and for no special award. Then I asked why.

“He said, ‘My parents passed away when I was very young, and I was brought up by my grandmother. This September will be her 80th birthday. I want to complete this goal and tell her on her birthday, “Grandma, I chose one of the most difficult jobs in the world — selling life insurance. Only a few people succeed in this career. I have successfully produced 80 cases before today, which very few new agents can. I did it for you, and this achievement is for your birthday. And I want to tell you today that you don’t need to worry about me anymore; I have finally grown up.”’

“Do you think this young man did it or not? Of course, he did. He had a purpose, and his purpose gave him a much stronger drive than a trophy or an award. The sense of accomplishment and pride from family will always be greater than any material reward.”

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  • Murthy Dakshina Somayajula says:

    This is really a unique way of goal setting: to celebrate 80 th B’Day of grandma!????????????????????

  • pozdravhappy says:

    Working together as a family and having fun can be rewarding for everyone. Preparing a meal together, going for hikes, taking a trip to the local Farmer’s Market can be enjoyable experiences together and engage kids in activities without making it seem like a chore.

  • tanveer faridi says:

    that’s great achievement well done .
    purpose is always greater than need