Increase happiness: Think bigger with goal setting

When we first joined this career as a financial advisor, I believe many of us were taught about the importance of starting the year well by setting business-related goals.

Eventually, I felt like something was lacking from this. So, several years ago, I decided to change how I did my yearly goal setting, and it transformed how I conduct my life as well as my business. This simple exercise made me a much happier and more successful individual.

Whole Person planning

I call it Laura’s Whole Person Action Plan. And yes, I incorporate the Whole Person concept into my goal setting. This concept, which MDRT adopted in the early 1960s, emphasizes achieving balance across seven crucial aspects of our lives: relationships, health, education, career, service, financial and spiritual.

At the start of every year, I review Laura’s Whole Person Action Plan. It consists of a table with seven areas of my life from the Whole Person concept, each awaiting a meaningful goal to be added.

Enhanced relationships

For instance, in the area of relationships, my goal last year was to have deeper conversations with my kids so I can build a strong and open communication channel with them while they’re young. I hope this allows them to be comfortable sharing anything they feel like with me both now and as they get older.

Understanding our “why” behind our goals will keep us motivated and committed to achieving it.

Clear action plans and accountability

As the saying goes, “A goal without an action plan is a daydream.”

For every goal, we need to have a clear action plan. It’s about breaking down our aspirations into tangible steps that we can take consistently.

Goal setting also is a journey requiring consistent accountability. So, I conduct quarterly reviews to assess where I am. I give myself a score, celebrate the small wins and recalibrate my goals if necessary.

The impact of this Whole Person Action Plan has had on my life has been amazing. Not only have I been able to achieve more in all areas of my life, I’ve also found greater joy and fulfilment as an individual. Goal setting is no longer just about hitting my sales figures. This simple exercise can bring remarkable rewards to you and your family!

Laura Xue-Fen Hoi is a 20-year MDRT member from Singapore. She’s also a Court of the Table member. This was excerpted from her 2024 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation.

For more about enhancing your goal-setting power through the Whole Person concept, visit this MDRT member-exclusive content:

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