5 innovative ideas to connect better with clients and prospects

Why be like every other financial advisor in your area when you can be unforgettable to clients? Try one of these five creative and fun ideas to showcase your personality with flare. Get noticed, boost your referability and build relationships with clients.

  1. Delivering coffee for better online meeting attendance
    I was having a problem with clients and prospects frequently canceling Zoom meetings with me. So, I started buying coffee for them and getting it delivered to their house right before our online meeting. Now, people are not canceling their meetings with me.
    —Glen Alexander Winata, Jakarta, Indonesia, nine-year MDRT member
  2. Cooking for care and referrals
    I love cooking for clients. A lot of clients are very busy juggling work and childcare. On weekends, I cook for myself and clients. It’s how I show them I care — and it’s how I got a lot of referrals. I make good, healthy food to keep them healthy so they don’t have to use their insurance benefits. The best way to connect with hearts is through my healthy food.
    —Yeon Hwa Yoon, Seoul, Korea, 11-year MDRT member
  3. Showing the love
    I specialize in love and marriage as my niche, so my TikTok account is about how to do financial planning together and grow together. Social media is about being a magnet so you can attract those needles that go flying out of the ocean. You must make the magnet very specialized. It helps me gather referrals.
    —Joseph Tan, ChFC, CLU, Singapore, 15-year MDRT member
  4. Delighting with personalized birthday cards
    I connect with clients through personalized e-birthday cards. I use Canva, which has templates, to create these. I gather photos from clients to add to their birthday cards, which includes my name and logo. My clients will sometimes share this personalized card on social media.
    —Ronald Espina Lim Jr., Cebu City, Philippines, eight-year MDRT member
  5. Connecting with a tap
    I use NFC business cards. I tap the specially designed card on someone’s phone, and it downloads my contact information into their phone’s contacts. It also has a QR code. The card is very customizable, and it can even create links to your social media.
    —Lim Yee Von, Selangor, Malaysia, seven-year MDRT member

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