Money follows when you align your business with your beliefs

Offering a watered-down version of yourself instead of letting potential clients know your values upfront is a disservice to yourself and a missed opportunity to align with your clients.

Furthermore, attempting to set yourself apart from the financial advisor pack by talking to potential clients about minutiae in financial products won’t gain their business, trust or loyalty. Clients will not be impressed by how smart you are. Before — or even if — clients decide to do business with you, they want to know what you value and that you care about them and their loved ones.

These insights come from sales trainer and business coach Bruce Lund, Ph.D., who spoke at the 2019 MDRT EDGE.

Setting your filters

“Would you rather know in the first 15 seconds if somebody fits your filter, or would you rather chase them for 15 months? When I share what I believe and why I believe it, I know within the first 15 seconds based on their body language,” if that person will be a good match as a client, Lund said. 

Lund noted that since no one gets extra hours in a day, it’s how you handle your energy that makes the difference. ”We only get so much good energy every single day. I don’t think time management exists. It’s energy management,” Lund said. “If you’re giving your good energy to bad people, what’s going to happen? You’re going to get burnout.”

Preventing burnout

Burnout isn’t only bad for business, it’s misery for every part of your life. When you have nothing left to give after work, it means you’re not taking care of yourself and you’re offering your loved ones meager crumbs. That doesn’t feel good for anyone.

“So if you spend most of your day with the wrong people or doing the wrong things, then you’re trying to energy up for the wrong people,” Lund said. “Stop chasing the wrong people and start attracting the right people, and life becomes a lot more fun, doesn’t it?”


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