How to set up new hires for success 

If you are an MDRT member, it means that you are a very successful professionalTo push your achievement higher and to step up one more level, you have to hire someone to do administrative work and small things for you.   

Our company has thousands of producers and more than 100 employees all over the country. Managing such a big company is not an easy task. Even though some of them come and go, we are able to maintain a good number of long-term employees who serve in our company. This is very crucial to our success, and we simply could not do it without them. Here is how we train and retain new employees successfully: 


  • Make a training plan, and set goals before you start. 
  • Set up a training committee, and have meetings. 
  • Prepare materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation and videos. 

Host training sessions 

  • Use existing employees as trainers since they could share their experiences. 
  • Try to make the training sessions as interactive as possible. 
  • Assign related jobs right after training, which would help new staff better digest training and ask further questions. 
  • Cross-train new staff to facilitate the operation of the company. 

Initiate a mentoring program 

  • Have existing employees mentor new hires on a one-on-one basis. 
  • New staff members should have a go-to person for when they have questions at work. 
  • A mentoring program helps new and old employees get to know each other better and builds team chemistry within the work environment. 

Evaluate training results 

  • Compare the result with the goal that you set in the beginning to see if the training meets your expectations. 
  • Get feedback from the trainers and trainees to see what they like about the training and what they don’t. 
  • Have a review meeting with the training committee afterward to discuss what should be kept and what could be improved. 

Tips on retaining personnel 

  • It is a rule of thumb that employees should be respected and appreciated in their positions and for what they are doing. 
  • Every employee should be given space and opportunities for him or her to learn, practice and grow. 
  • It is motivating to have a bonus system in your company. 
  • A promotion guideline is a must-have in your company. 
  • Another important factor to better manage your practice and staff is to have good leaders on your team. 
  • Be flexible and generous with reasonable time-off requests from employees. 

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