Nobody reaches success alone

We are in a lonely business. We don’t have to be in it all by ourselves though. If we are, we may find it takes us years to reach our goals, if we ever do. Nobody has ever reached high levels of success on their own. Perhaps then it isn’t surprising that I learned at my first MDRT Annual Meeting that the successful financial advisors I talked to had coaches.

Reaching goals faster

I learned that coaches make your learning curve smaller, so you reach your goals faster because you don’t have to make so many mistakes through years of trial and error. And you stay successful because there is somebody who’s monitoring you and is your sounding board. 

I have two coaches, and it’s had a tremendous impact on my business. One is a strategic coach who looks at my practice as a business. Then I have a tactical coach who goes in-depth with my business and advises me about what I should do for particular types of clients.

Hiring help

One important lesson a coach taught me was that I can’t do everything in my office myself. My coach advised that I bring someone else on the team to take care of administrative work, and I should only be doing what I am good at, which is being in front of clients. That one suggestion from my coach was a game-changer for me. 

Then the time came when my coach advised that I have a social media presence and hire a marketing assistant, and I did that as well. As my business grew, I hired more assistants.

Today, I do only what I do best, and the rest is all done by other members of the team as per my coach’s direction. It’s all worked out well for me.

Sim Gakhar, of Markham, Ontario, Canada, is a seven-year MDRT member. She’s also a Top of the Table member.

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  • Tekkatte Ganesh Shenoy says:

    A line from the coach has the power to change the direction of your business and enable you to succeed like never before.

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