Realizing that not every staff member knows what you think they do

One of my staff members is a little younger, and I’ve learned that they don’t always teach you some of the basics in college.

We sent out 100 mailings, and every single one of them came back. Not because of wrong addresses; it was because she didn’t realize that sending out by mail required a post stamp.

We had a lot of challenges like that. On the internet, she’s phenomenal, but going back to addressing the mail, an envelope, there are costs that come with it. There are plenty more other stories that come along like that.

So what I’ve learned is to not assume they know everything, have clear communication and training put in place, and move step by step as we go through the process. It’s not necessarily that they’re a bad person or not good enough. They just might not know everything yet.

Sofia Dumansky, MBA, LUTCF, is an 8-year MDRT member from Windsor, Connecticut. Hear more in the new episode of the MDRT Podcast:

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