3 ways to overcome adversity and thrive 

Life can throw curveballs. 

I discovered this in June 2015 when I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was 37, a husband and a father of two young, beautiful girls, Amber and Gabriella. I was also the CEO of a company turning over 15 million pounds specializing in domestic energy efficiency. 

I embarked on one of the most toxic cancer treatments humans are exposed to: a full intensity stem cell transplant. This involved eight weeks of chemotherapy followed by four days of full body radiotherapy and the infusion of my brother’s stem cells. After three weeks in isolation, I went home. 

Six months later, I met with my consultant to be given the news every cancer patient dreads: “Mark, it is coming back.” 

Refusing to be told the revised prognosis, I focused on getting well. Taking control of my own healing journey and keeping one foot in the world of modern medicine, I embarked on a quest to find anything natural, holistic and scientific to supercharge my immune system. 

I have since discovered my prognosis was considered terminal with just six months to live. 

This journey has led me to my mission helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve true wealth. I believe this is a combination of financial freedom, emotional freedom and time freedom.  

People often ask me how I maintained such a positive mindset. These are three ways I did just that: 

  1. The underlying foundation of any success is belief. There was never a point on my healing journey that I didn’t feel I could not solve the problem. That said, there were times I did think I couldn’t resolve it. That sentence there is the nuance of firm beliefs rooted into our core intuitive powers. 
  2. Creating a clear vision for ourselves and rehearsing the future in our minds is essential to enable us to live in a high state of consciousness. What I mean by high state of consciousness is essentially just feeling better most of the time.
  3. It is important to take responsibility for ourselves and not let our power be taken away by others (like my oncologist) and to build a team around us. This includes family, friends, communities and companies.

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