Why I decided to part ways with my mentor 

This is one of the major decisions I had to make during my business career. When I started in the financial services profession, I was with a mentor, and she was a very warm person. She taught me a lot — everything that I needed to know to get started. But later on, as I took on more of a management role within the company, there were some fundamental philosophical differences onin how we run our businesses. We actually shared the same office for the longest time, and last year I decided, because of the conflict and how differently we train our staff and associates, it wasn’t going to have the best outcome. 

While I still have the utmost respect for her and all she taught me, I made the tough decision to move out of her branch and into a different location to start on my own. It actually worked out better. Without her being involved in my day-to-day operations, I still get the same results. 

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    Its all about your confidence and experience taught you how and when to establish your own business – Mentors will always remain mentors if you are in the business – but “Personal Branding” takes you to the different level where your mentor will also feel proud on you – Its only MDRT gives you wins to fly high and think differently . . .

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