Persevering with skeptical referrals

A client was referred to me for help with getting her cancer claim fulfilled. Her agent was no longer servicing her, and the claim was stuck for more than six months.

I vividly remember the first time I met her and her husband. He spoke very critically about insurance products and kept saying insurance is a scam. They had been paying insurance premiums for many years, and now that they had a claim, there were so many hiccups. Even their daughter scolded me because her mother’s claim was taking too long to get approved.

I did my part to transfer the policy under my care and traced back all pending documents needed from their end. I focused on getting the claim approved as soon as I could. I liaised with the hospitals and doctors to get the exact reports documenting the surgery and chemotherapy that occurred in Singapore. This was happening during the pandemic lockdown when all I could do was reach the Singapore contacts from Malaysia through email and phone calls.

I got all the claims approved within three months. The couple was so grateful and asked me to drop by their house as they wanted to give me a token of appreciation. I told them the best way to thank me was to get their children protected. They agreed without hesitation and paid a lump sum for insurance coverage. That was one of my biggest premiums ever.

Audrey Adeline Yap Mui Ling is a five-year MDRT member from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

This was excerpted from the September/October 2023 Round the Table article, “Persevering with skeptical referrals.”

  • Manju sharma says:

    If we add value in someone’s pays back one day….if we help our clients to grow in their business,give qualified case of any medical emergencies, stand by them.

  • Bhaskara.B says:

    It is very nice to render service without any expectation.May ur tribe increase.

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