Achieve your potential by changing your mindset

I believe your life’s road map is totally in your control. Someone can’t judge you now based on who you were 10 years ago. If they do, they are making a mistake, because my experience says that personality is not permanent; we grow with our experiences, and we shine with people we spend time with.

I have taken a targeted approach in life. Each time, whether it’s a targeted client or a targeted behavior, I see something I want to achieve, and I work toward that.

One of my favorite mind-changer tools is what I call “the train.” I can do this anytime, and you don’t need any material for this.

Wave goodbye to what’s holding you back

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re not as punctual and organized as you’d like to be or maybe you’re not as strong in the business as you’d like to be. Whatever it is, see yourself (with the traits you want to get rid of) standing on a train station platform. However, the image you’re seeing of yourself is that of an imaginary twin. You are actually in a passenger train car on the platform, and you are about to wave your twin brother or sister goodbye. As the train starts to move slowly out of the station, feel how happy you are leaving behind the person with the traits you wanted to get rid of. As the train continues to move faster, and the image of your twin gets smaller and smaller and starts to fade, you will notice how pleased you are to be waving goodbye.

I have seen the Leena left behind at that platform who was weak and helpless at one point in time and had excuses to cry in that phase of life. I worked toward the Leena whom I wanted to be.

Life changes as we want it to, especially with the help of some great tools.

Leena Parwani, of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is a Top of the Table qualifier who has been an MDRT member since 2014. This was excerpted from Parwani’s MDRT Speaks presentation. 

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