Prospect conversations: Better to buy two years early than two minutes late

A year ago, I was talking to Mr. Prospect and his wife, who is a foreign citizen, regarding the importance of health insurance. He felt, however, that health insurance was not necessary because he was still young and there were many other more important priorities.

A year later, he contacted me because he had a diagnosis of a disease (not critical), but the family immediately thought about the financial impact on them. They didn’t think of whether the disease can be cured or not. Instead, they were thinking of the cost of the medical bills.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Prospect, who should be focusing on healing, instead is worried about the burden of health costs on his household budget. Fortunately, the prospect could be cured at a cost he could still afford himself.

After this incident, though, Mr. Prospect and his wife finally made the decision to buy health insurance and peace of mind.

Haven’t we all been in a situation like this? As financial advisors and as clients, we must be sure that health insurance is considered a primary need, and we don’t become financial burdens to our families.

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Kennedy Sumarlie is a seven-year MDRT member from Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

  • In India,Health Insurance is neglected areas,There are few reasons and Lack of Awareness,First Health Insurance policies are costly as Government charges 18% GST on purchase of mediclaim policies..Second Inflation and Dearness are increasing so middle class person has narrow margins to purchase health insurance or mediclaim policies,third Hospitals are charging ennormous excess amount if patient has mediclaim policies,Fourth Claim processes are not simple and cashless treatments are not available everywhere in every city or small towns…. Cashless treatments should be available and Malpractice by Hospitals and Doctors should be stopped, Government has to subsidise Tax structure for Health insurance and Mediclaim policy..

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