5 tips to remembering someone’s name

Bob Gray

During his presentation “Kickstart your whole brain potential” at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, memory expert Bob Gray suggested these techniques to remember the name of someone you meet and hope to add to your professional network. They may seem simple, but Gray recognized how easy it is to not do them — and to miss out on the relationship-building benefits.

  1. Make sure you hear the name. It’s important to focus when new people you meet say their name. If you’re not focused, you won’t remember.
  2. Spell the name. If you spell the name to yourself, it will be stored in your brain far more strongly than if you don’t.
  3. If it’s an uncommon name, make a comment about it. This will further register the name in your mind.
  4. Use the name in your initial conversation. Address the person by name, rather than just hearing it when being introduced.
  5. Use the name when leaving. This will enhance your likelihood of remembering the name of the person you just met and spoke with.


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