Remove barriers with clients by being a communicator

Despite our best intentions as financial advisors, sometimes we get in our own way with clients. To remove obstacles between yourself and clients, think of yourself as a paid communicator and not someone who sells.

Prospects and clients can have natural barriers based on preconceived ideas when you start mentioning products because to them that’s not why they’re meeting with you. For clients, it’s about what they’re trying to achieve, whether it’s protecting their family or ensuring their legacy continues.

See more from Simon Lister in his video, “Why financial advisors are paid communicators.”

So, when meeting with clients for the first time, one of the things I genuinely focus on is a plan that benefits their lives by using their finances to achieve their goals. That’s the key, and it’s simply what I believe financial advisors do. 

I don’t talk too much about products even when we’re giving financial advice. We’re holistic in the financial planning we provide. It’s about communicating at their level and being clear about how we’re trying to help them. 

Simon Lister, of Norfolk, England, UK, is a 16-year MDRT member and a Top of the Table member.


  • Sometimes I feel that clients have saturation levels of his/her own Risk cover and investments and his/her family’s risk cover or investments… sometimes age factor especially above sixty years of age have limited scopes for Investments in long term scales or Returns’ span will be limited,so for those individuals you could suggest retirement plans and single premium policies or Gauranteed returns short term plans…as average life expectancy is increasing but around age of sixties,you could suggest group insurance scheme for his/her clients or health plans or equity oriented plans where their investments multiply…

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